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Informational services and technologies in medicine



PatientBase™   Ver.7

DentalBaseЃ     Ver.7

BeautyBase™    Ver.7

OphthalBase™  Ver.7

RehaBase™       Ver.7



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Software for medicine


Medical systems
PatientBaseЩ, DentalBaseЃ, BeautyBaseЩ, RehaBaseЩ, OphthalBaseЩ -
the organization and optimization of medical institutions activity:
Хa convenience of work to the personnel
Х an all-round control and analysis for the chief.

Systems allow to automate effectively and convenientlyall the basic daily operations of document circulation
(see demo-videos about the work with systems):
Х registration of patients
Х medical records history
Х scheduling
Х accounts with clients
Х preparation of the reports
in organizations of different types and scales.

New opportunities of medical systems - Version 7:
Х printing checks on new fiscal registers according to demands of 54-FZ

For a convenient choise, we recommend:
Х to explore the list of software
Х to download the description of medical informational systems
Х to see the demos of main actions in systems
Х to examine the list and prices of software components
and tochoose a variant appropriate for your medical institution.

Using tax reliefs and implementing new price policy, we offer very profitable delivery conditions.

PatientBase™ - Registry automatization and patients' bills

Approaches medical institutions of all specializations and size. All clinic's work aspects are realized: electronic files and medical records history of patients, arrangement of doctors work and schedules of patient services, financial accountings with clients, reports for all institution works and medical statisticsand many others. New opportunities of medical systems - Version 6: barcodes for customer cards, informing patients - calls and sms, bonus system of accounting and payment services.

DentalBase® - Dental practice management system

All functionalities of PatientBase™ are included. Filled-up replenishable reference-books of medical operations and diagnosis for stomatology. Detailed medical records history. Digital X-Ray handling. Odontoparodontogram and detailed teeth map. Orders to dental mecanics. Specialized medical statistics.

BeautyBase™ - Cosmetology clinic management system

All functionalities of PatientBase™ are included. Filled-up replenishable reference-books of medical operations and diagnosis for cosmetology. Patients' photos handling.

OphthalBase™ - Ophthalmologic clinic management system
All functionalities of PatientBase™ are included. Filled-up replenishable reference-books of medical operations and diagnosis for ophthalmology. Detailed medical records history. Writing down and storing apparatus examinations data.

RehaBase™ - Management & medical records system for rehabilitation institutions

All functionalities of PatientBase™ are included. Booking and settlement of patients in the stationary or sanatory. Organization and optimization of rehabilitation process. Organization of healhy nutrition. Estimation of restorative actions efficiency.


Wide Experience

ASE Group company is one of the first Russian medical systems developers. We have been working on Russian and CIS market since 1996 and we offer solutions approved by more than 600 state and private clinics.

Gold medals of Health Care Ministry of RF in 2006, 2007, 2008 Gold medal of All-Russian Exhibition Center

Efficiency of Application

Owing to the simplicity of use of the systems, medical stuff training and the systems putting in daily practice is carried out in the shortest possible time.

Optimal Informational Infrastructure of Your office

ASE Group implements full complex of works on creation of optimal informational institution infrastructure, including local-area network and power mains, facilities of security and access control, etc. This solution is noted for its low start investitions and easiness in support due to use of up-to-date cheap technical facilities and free software.

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Technical Support

ASE Group medical systems are supported and continually modernized by developers during all the operational life. The Technical Support Service also provides free of charge warranty support and consulting by phone, e-mail, Skype and remote access.

International Quality

Quality Management System of ASE Group fulfills the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 standard. The company has Russian GOST R certificate and also the certificate and the logo of the International Certification Network IQNet, and the medical system developed by company is a new level of quality of health care in Russia.



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