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PatientBase™   Ver.7

DentalBase®     Ver.7

BeautyBase™    Ver.7

OphthalBase™  Ver.7

RehaBase™       Ver.7



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Price calculator

In the part "Configuration" you can choose software configuration appropriate for your organization and estimate its price. Do not forget that this information is preliminary and can be specified at ordering !


In the part "Order" you can request on-the-fly the invoice for the payment and delivery of the hand-picked configuration.

Configuration (estimation of price)

 Base functions 
   Base module, including: 13650
      - Files of patients 1950
      - Medical Records History 3900
      - Material accountancy 3900
      - Reports 3900
 Specialized modules
 Module «Cosmetology» 1420
 Module «Ophthalmology» 5680
 Module «Dental care» 11360
 Module «Uro-andro-gynaecology» 5680
 Module «Effect» 16165
 Module «Healthy nutrition» 18120
 Module «Laboratory» 18120
 Module «Reservation & occupation» 14200
 Module «Medical service planning» 14200
 Module «Chief» 14200
 Workplaces (access to all functions)
  workplaces X 1295 (1 workplace) =
 Method of delivery
  Russian Post 1 Class300
  Total (roubles):

*  Software, including documentation, is provided on CD with defence key.

**Warranty period 6 months includes a support by e-mail and phone (see Contacts).

Order (request of invoice)

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Input given code

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Discounts are certainly given to users of the previous versions. Besides, the company applies often enough the temporary discounts related with promotion of new versions and various actions.

The specifying information is accessible , address by e-mail and by phones (see Contacts), call !

Discount "expansion"

Some of our clients expansion their medical business.

In this connection, and also for advanced computer users, we offer the new variant of a purchase - expansion.

In this variant:

- the client chooses configuration of the software and transfer a procurement request, including essential contract information of your organization, via e-mail (see Contacts)

- the clinet learns the program by himself, without our support (it is not difficult - see demo-videos, the list of which ones will be enhanced in nearest future), at that the warranty support can be ordered later in necessity

- 20% discount is granted !



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